Machine Quilting Prices
We have over 400 designs for you to  choose from ranging from very simple to complex.  Quilting prices are determined on a square inch basis. Prices for designs begin at $.01 a sq inch and go up from there depending on the density and intricacy of the design.  Custom prices start at $.03 and go up from there depending on the complexity of the desired work.  

 If your quilt/item to be quilted measures less than 1500 sq. inches the square inch basis does not apply.  We charge a minimum rate of $15.00 per item to quilt these quilts/items for a one cent design.  More dense designs are more depending on the price of the design.  

To find the square inch measurements of your quilt top, multiply the length times the width. 

For more information we can be reached at (801) 796-1533 or via email at
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